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do it to everyone

by shoney lamar

there was darkness before i was born, whence from the ether i was torn. now i toss and i turn and i turn 25 and i'd rather take a dive than take a drive. when my baby start to get romantic i usually start to get satanic. always say just a couple drinks. always take it to the very brink. i need a yellow phase and i think i need a raise, when i step on the stage act like i don't screw up. i've sinned and lived in new york city. city livin made a fist of me. and when i think about success, i think i'd rather have roof access. drinks dull me down for the pull back up town on something queensbound, asleep on the express. i got the couch where you'll stay through the barnstorm of days til we drink it erased, you can come and comfort me. the songs are what we try to preach. the riffs are what we try to teach. the frets are what we try to reach. we found this album on the beach.
hazel, you been told not to bring yr work home, you been told once, you been told a thousand times i know. my basic problem is i just stay awake. it's like i'm waitin for something, but some things never change. i'll only warn you once hazel, i'm neither willing nor able, so you can leave yr massages on the massage table. and if you keep on actin, i'll be back here i'll be back here i swear. i might come into yr room while you sleep and cut off yr hair. i was thinkin, wastin ink. i was chrinkin from the stink. i've wrestled w/ myself for too long. and if my pity will just make me pitiful, i been goin bout everything all wrong. hazel, you been told. you been told yr being cold. but dontcha listen baby, i think yr doin everything right. and who could foresee that technical difficulty? as the captain screams "we're going down in history!" i was watchin from the pits, slowly fallin, callin it quits, i've wrestled w/ myself for too long. and if i use it well, i will be useful, c'mon i been goin bout everything all wrong
i only eat because i know i must. i'll either burn or bust or crumble into dust, i try to shake it but it's just no use. i tied my shoelaces into a noose. (someday my prince will come for me) yea babe i wanna kill myself, i wann kill you too, i wanna spend a little time w/ you. i'll probly do a little time when i'm through. pause for laugh track. i smell a brat. (where's all my things? bring them to me) i tried to hide that i was gonna explode, but man it always showed, and when we hit the road well, you know we won't get very far. there's too many kerouacs in the car (don't look so scared. try not to stare) what we really need is a neil. the one who really feels. the one that's nudging us out of town. the one that makes us want to write it down pause for laugh track. i smell a brat. (was not a dream. did have to end) i only sleep because there's nuthin to it. the money made me do it. that's why i brought you, stupid. and now the light yr beginning to see is in fact an anomaly. i'm in the mood to make a new mistake, i'll be like you okay, i'll make the right choice at the wrong time, and i'll never ever change my mind. pause for laugh track. i smell a brat.
you are my moonshine. you are my mushrooms. yr in the garden where i wait. and i've created another monster. and i drank drank my moonshine away. this is a song for all the times i missed the ashtray, my feet are grey. my liver is black and blue and my feet are grey. this is a song for all the boys lined up at the bar, their back like hills. we were laughin about it their back like rollin hills. you are my moonshine you are my mushrooms yr in the bar there where i wait. and i've created another monster. and i drank all my moonshine away. this is a song for all the new songs. we talked right through the crescendo. we were laughin and drinkin and we talked through the crescendo. this is a song for the intellectuals and all the pretty girls i know. nah this is only for them pretty girls i know. you are my moonshine you are my mushrooms you make me happy, now go away. you'll never know dear, how much i need you. and i drank all my moonshine away. this is a song for all those i done wrong, i guess i just had it in me. and i'm sorry yall, i guess i just had it in me. it's scary yall, i just have it in me.
eat red meat 03:52
woke up w/ a sense of impending blues. best to eat red meat hard times are comin soon. it's cold enough for snow but it's rainin is all. those who don't fall in love still get to fall. oh, i'm sick of all my suicidal friends. oh, my skin is just another mess i'm in. ain't afraid to die, i'm afraid to die at a show. lately crazy shit happenin to everyone i know. when i went to sleep there was a tumbleweed in my bed. when i woke up i guess i'd slept it off instead. oh, i'm sick of livin like women and men. oh, my skin's just another mess i'm in. and i can't keep changing and changing. so if yall need to find me, you know where to look drunk down in the subway fakin readin a book. or in the men's room fakin washin my hands. or somewhere i can't see you and someone might understand. oh, i'm sick of beginning again. oh, my skin's just another mess i'm in.
my home's somewhere along thatlantic coast where broke folks are the most gracious hosts. i've had more than enough, then ample, then very little left. and i've breathed what i was sure would be my last free breath. as i get older i just get more insane. i'm always leaving things behind and i'm afraid of airplanes. i'm just not full of life anymore. i get that feelin you get when you seen it all before. i dwell on death and yes that's how you know yr gettin close you reap and you sow and you get reaped so i'm told. and when i die i hope i'm wearing pants. it'll be a dagger in a bar brawl if i get the chance. when i'm dead i'll forget to miss all yall. all the days are a blur. march i don't remember at all. all this time i been keepin it quiet, i shoulda been keepin it clean. even when i'm trynna do right i'm usually just being mean. i don't want to remember anyone's names. it's hot and i'd rather not play any games. they say that home can be found near the heart. but i'm goin it alone, my home is where my feet are. when yr heartless mama, yr home is where yr feet are
my pet ghost 02:31
if you wake for me, i'll probly wait for you too. maybe heart ache for you, maybe raise a glass in toast to the hereafter. let's watch smoke gather above the rafters. that's my pet ghost. she gets missed most when the girls are the best, when i get undressed, when i finally get some rest. do you think i look good? cos i don't feel myself at all. do you think i look good? because i feel really tall. i went and loved one, now i'm all done, and if i want another one, i'm gonna have to make a toast to the new things i lack: the truth and the tact. and don't talk about my past, that's my pet ghost. i'm not engrossed i'm just real impressed and i'm feeling less and less underdressed. do you think i look good? cos i don't feel myself at all. do you think i look good? cos i'm really musical.
there's no one home, so the phone echoes thru the skin and bone of the microphone. it wakes the machine, who in turn wakes me. says "listen to these new recordings" that's how i know so i stagger, pack a little bowl. barely alive, trynna look alrite. but i nearly died. i saw the light it surprised me i survived. when i hear a door close, i hear you most, i suppose. my women haunt me the m ost. i been seein one more ghost. that's how i know so i dig a different kind of hole, swallowing lies, trynna look just fine. but i nearly died, my eyes went white it surprised me i survived. i know yr worried real bad that i'm gonna be mad. i don't get mad at things i had, i get mad at thing i have. and you know it best. over yr shoulder coldly breaking oaths to scold me, thinkin i'd be fine. but i nearly died. i wished i died. oh god no. i survived.
please accept my blues, please accept my malaise. i'm like some greedy homeless man, i can accept anything except change. i'll do anything to sway you mama, you want me taller, i'll get up there somehow. you wouldn't do it when i wanted it, when i needed it, mama you sure do it now. i'm at my best when i'm at my worst, my best friends know. the grass ain't much greener out here mama, but at least it grows see me for more info. baby need a comment card. i'm cruel, cold hearted. i only cry when i laugh too hard i got heaven up above, down below, i got heaven everywhere. i got a haunted refrigerator, nuthin but spirits in there. i think i finally made it yall, i'm singin blues songs bein sawed in half. aw that's just me. i ain't changed, i'm shameless. i'll do anything tomake the audience clap
me and my girl don't fuck. the mornings are the worst. call one cab and one hearse, i assure you you'll be reimbursed. and i just started writing it down. my greed inspires millions. i kept on picking the winning ones. i'm in the paper. i'm the skinny one. now i just want to die, but i can't find the directions. i need help w/ my selection, can we do it in the poetry section? i musta said something candid cos i got sent to my room w/ a vacuum and a broom. she wanted me to clean up too. but i got nuthin to prove. yr pretty and everyone loves you and it's painful, so i'll go. but i'll still be here a while and i might even smile if you just leave me alone. leave me alone. me and my girl broke up and now i just can't stand this place. i can't make mistakes erase and my girl need a little space. my reflection in the microwave. i said "yr songs are all confessional. yr so ounprofessional how come you just tell it all?" cos i got nothing to lose. yr pretty and everyone loves you and it's painful, so i'll go. but i'll still be here a while and i might even smile if you just leave me alone. lust leave
i lived in daytona, i liked it alot. it's the kinda place that sucks you up and leaves you to rot. it's my home or the closest thing to home that i got. the things that broke there were my car and my biggest shot. i lived in carolina, but i wasn't there long. it's the kinda place you mow yr goddamn lawn. i thought i could sober up, save some money but i was wrong. the things that broke there was my damn ambition. i lived in allston, i liked it a bunch but it's the kinda place you only gonna have to live once. i was either in her room, or at work, or on an all-day drunk. the thing that broke there was the bed where we fucked. i lived in cambridge, i liked it just fine. it's the kinda place you don't look for, you just find. that was one house w/ a few things i probly shouldna left behind. the things that broke there were usually broke all the time. i lived in astoria, i liked it pretty good. it's the kinda place you love yr neighborhood. i got all swallowed up by new york like i thought that i should. and the things that broke there were my heart and my foot. when i'm all done recording, i just bide my time. the way i numb it down is actually a crime. but it's do-able if yr crazy, and i'm crazy, where is my mind? i'm the thing that's broke baby. you could come see me sometime.


started october 2007
finished january 2008
in doug's room in east cambridge.


released January 10, 2008

produced by shoney lamar and slowtrain carter.

all songs written,
all instruments played,
and cover art
o------------------------b-y------> shoney lamar


all rights reserved



shoney lamar Concord, North Carolina

he loves to do excercise regularly and also tells others to do that

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