by shoney lamar

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recorded april 2005
in doug's bedroom
out in allston.


released April 1, 2005

engineered by shoney and doug carter.
mastered by doug carter

all songs written by shoney lamar
cover photograph by kimberly ann josephine southwick

anna buss played violin on track 3
doug carter played bass on tracks 5 and 8
shoney did the rest.



all rights reserved


shoney lamar. North Carolina

shoney lamar would like an exceptionally cold corpse. not now. when he's dead.

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Track Name: a graceful exit
sex in exchange for an oil change,
stains these sacred days.
it's a good picture
but what's sinister lies out of frame.

pan wide, wine glass is tumbling down.
stains yr evening gown.
trust in a tongue as its thrust in a cold wet mouth.

not that it matters, but where did you sleep last nite?
i wanna know alrite?
but you just refract lite.
yea youjust refract lite.

holding yr wrist, we no longer kiss.
this dismissed w/ a kiss.
stains the roof w/ proof that you exist.

it's not like it mattered, it's notl ike i even tried.
it was a two-way ride.
and you believe me rite?
yeah you believe in me, rite.

sex in exchange for a radar range.
pace in these long, lonely days.
kindness placed in the good taste of toothpaste.

not that it matters but yr always on my mind
cos i left you behind.
and mama, time has been kind
Track Name: blues cook
you look so good when the rooster crows.
baby you look so good w/ yr hair in rows.
but it's cold out there.
you better put on some clothes.

i been watchin for hours. she ain't even budged.
hey i been watchin for hours holdin this grudge.
they wanna string me up
but they can't find the judge.

take yr time, baby.
all nite long.

yr heart's in the right place and i'm on my way there.
yr heart's in the right place and i don't even care.
i just wanna taste the wet release of open air.

now tell me baby, where has yr spirit gone?
nownownow tell me baby, what's wrong?
you ain't sang me a song in so long so long

all nite long, mama.
take yr time.

i love you i love you i love you
i love you baby. cut yr hair and get a job.
you know i love you baby but you gotta get a job
and don't think twice when you hear that heart throb.

nah take yr time baby. all nite long.
all nite long. take yr time.

i'm lookin for a woman who feels as real as i do.
hey i'm just lookin for a woman feels real like i do.
Track Name: lo que sea
when i get my paycheck and i pay my late rent
i'm gonna take you out for a nite on the town on me.
we'll both buy some hairspray. we'll go see some band play.
my friend can get us into the i.c.a. for free.

you need a holiday. i would pay for you to get away,
to be there when you relax.
and we can go today. nuthin's near it all disappeared
and i've forgone my past at last.

when we're rich and famous nobody can blame us
we'll be able to afford to do what we want. that's rite.
and all our friends are jealouss. baby, they can smell us.
they're right on our tails like a packa dogs on the hunt.

and when i'm drunk and stoned, i dunno, i'm just a statue
bones arranged on its knees.
and when we're all alone, you can go, feel free to roam
and do just as you please. it don't bother me.
it's like whatever at all.
Track Name: molly's pretty
i'm alive and the sky's a pretty shade of grey.
and i saw a lot of awful things along the way.
all the world's faults in just one seed.
molly, where'd you get that weed?

there's pianos and peachtrees all over the place.
and i'm headed up a wooden ricket spiral staircase.
it's dark and i don't know where it leads.
molly, where'd you get that weed?

bryson's nice, it'd be a good place to hide.
folks are kind, you can unwind and you can smoke inside.
everywhere you look you just see green.
molly, where'd you get that weed?

we can do anything w/ anyone we know.
we can hide from yr mom and you won't have to go.
you got a couple things i know i need.
molly where'd you get that weed?
Track Name: my revelation
i seen god last nite in my revelation.
he said i should just do as i please.
i asked if i would rise just to topple,
he shrugged and said "anything's possible"
and transformed himself into a hundred burnin trees.

two bodies per cross in my revelation.
i never felt so close to jesus christ.
he said he did it to himself in the name of sin
i said "well how the helldja get the third nail in?"
he said it all comes down to just being precise.

and when i see my king it discomforts me,
i see, i perceive, i just cannot believe
what's been revealed to me here tonite.

all footnotes lead right to my revelation.
don't mind me if i seem annoyed.
i just know my sins're gonna weight more than my heart
i swore an oath to my body til death do us part,
but i see now that the world must be destroyed.

and when i see my king it discomforts me,
i see, i perceive, i just cannot believe
what's been revealed to me tonite. alrite.

i know you won't believe me cos i'm a pothead.
i know you won't believe me but it's true.
my baby got ten crowns and seven heads,
it's like deja vu all over again
i guess it's something for you when there's nuthin else to do
Track Name: real anthem nasty
sometimes i feel like it's just chris and me.
the moment means more than the memory/
baby, do you like my anarchy?
i ain't afraida tryin nuthin new,
baby, i'm just afraid to look at you.
oh no, nevermore, i give up finally.

it's formula A or formula B
and i can't think of nuthin that i really need.
oh, but you can send me yr love.

i pledge allegiance to my folks and my friends.
this could be the only message i send,
it's hard to say hello when yr just trynna get by.
it's not so bad and i know how you feel,
and maybe i could be yr wagon wheel.
but i'm a monster, baby, let's go get high.

now you know i love you, it just feels cheap
cos i really just love everybody.
oh, but you can send me yr love.

at my very best i'm just like the rest.
and i'll be sure to get you my new address.
oh and you send me yr love.
Track Name: sweet tobacco pie
i focused you. then you noticed me.
you started runnin, i adjust my shutterspeed.
yr my sweet tobacco pie, i'm yr dirty pond.
i'm gonna go to bed in the mornin, gonna wake up in the evenin
then i'm gone.

my baby's so afraid she gonna die by the sword,
she spends all her time just a prasin the lord.
i'm like "baby, can't you read? ain't you heard?
god is dead and i'm still here"
i'm gonna go to bed in the mornin, gonna wake up in the evenin
then disappear.

my baby always takes death so personally.
i always say "i'll bury you, mama, if you bury me."
but it ain't no joke, mama, come close, everything's gettin so cold.
i'm gonna go to bed in the mornin, gonna wake up in the evenin,
hit the road.

i make a promise to ya baby, i ain't just another rollin stone.
i wanna kiss you mama, my how you've grown.
there ain't no time for lettin loose mama, we must get on w/ the show.
i'm gonna go to bed in the mornin, gonna wake up in the evenin,
just go.
Track Name: take me to yr dealer
it's just like usual. there's some beauty.
there's some beauty in the jobs we do.
this time it's personal, i'm on a mission.
i'm on a mission to disarm you.

just don't tell me hold on.

you don't have to lie, cos i can see you.
i can see you and yr clearly all alone.
this one's on my boys, i'm feelin blonde on blonde
and everybody, everybody must get stoned.

just don't tell me hold on.

i'm so excited, but there's a line there.
there's a line there so i don't wanna go.
"but they're the best band and we can meet them.
we can meet them after the show."

just don't tell me hold on
Track Name: what's my motivation?
i say "baby, get dressed."
you put something on yr mind.
i'd bring it all back home,
i've already left it all behind.
and this is my bedroom, baby,
this is the hall.
and this is how far i have to stand from the wall
but you never know who yr gonna meet at the crossroads.

say you'll meet me at yr place,
i can speak my piece,
say you love me forever, baby,
sign this lease.
and these thoughts just burn me,
anna, turn my screw.
i like the things that you do. i'd put a spell on you.
but you never know who yr gonna meet at the crossroads