drinkin songs

by shoney lamar

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i recorded this in august 2006
in my bedroom at the FDR in camridge, ma.


released August 1, 2006

it was mastered by doug carter.
i did the rest.
it was fun.

i used 'matt's microphone. thanks, 'matt
i used kimberly's madolin. thanks, kimberly.
i used chris fullerton's guitar. thanks, chris.
they're all from south jersey. that's kind of weird.
yesterday is a blur. these are drinkin songs



all rights reserved


shoney lamar. North Carolina

shoney lamar would like an exceptionally cold corpse. not now. when he's dead.

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Track Name: only been homeless
i'm just a cheap clone, don't fall asleep alrite.
i been achin for a piece, takin bites.
i like to be alone; i kiss a bottle goodnite.
my country's raised on blood and guts,
yea but everyone loves it when they feels like us
nobody's above a hit nobody's above a bust.
i've lived a lot of places and been in a few ruts,
but i only been homeless once.

when i'm reading i'm just trying to think.
i'm just flogging the dead horse of history,
i'm just like "what's all of this spinning in front of me?"
when i get bored i take a cigarette break.
i spend all day makin the same mistake,
but i hate waitin for change.
don't know how much more i can take. i might break.

but you had many good friends and drank a whole bunch
and you've only been homeless once.

you got yr dedication and other excellencies.
yr desolation and other exigencies,
you got some beers left to drink and some books here to read.
and there's no reason you should have to crawl
but i know you feel yr the first who must fall
so i'll see you next time we're both against the wall.

and you've known some good women, punched one in the guts.
and you've only been homeless once!

yeah! a lot of folks been real good to me.
a girl gave me a twenty for a cd and she ain't had to,
she coulda had it for free. on me.
i've had a few cars and my share of good luck,
sometimes i play good and sometimes i suck
sometimes i'm real careful
mostly i don't give a fuck.
and i've written and recorded some pretty good stuff
and i've only been homeless once
Track Name: edit etas
let's get supine baby, let's get on down.
let's make it, take it around,
let's make this shit sound profound.
bless the bottle baby, bless the guitar,
it gets me into the bar
and then to some girl's car.
let's just smolder over whiskey and ice,
let's eat some red beans and rice
let's let some life-size suffice.
paper notes are mostly cowardly acts,
i'd rather stick to the facts
than to the candlestick wax.
bless the bottle baby, kiss it goodnight.
let a cigarette light
then take a big first bite.
whites and black i know it ain't yet around,
it will be soon anyhow
so we should part right now.
Track Name: triple beam
in the worst of times she was always a friend of mine.
i be amazed, her face is a place that just hides her mind.
and i'd visit her time to time, and just say goodbye.

all jokes aside, he was always a jealous man.
he had tricks up his sleeve, believe he had a few in his hand.
but he was always right there to answer when i phoned in demands.

she was a very pretty girl but nah, we never did nuthin
but i saw her breast once. we were dancing and trying to sing.
we were clicking things together. we wanted to hear freedom ring.

he hated me then and yeah i guess he probly still does.
i deserve it tho man, i used to fuck w/ him just because.
i'd say an apology if i knew what one was
Track Name: this train is a whale
ain't got no doll to tell my troubles to.
i only care if yr writing when i'm writing about you.
bumping into fuckers down on the avenue.
i try to get mad, bet they got some problems.

all this time sleep time to wake up
all these pretty bodies to break up

i believe in the devil.
i think he's got a lot of potential.
that's self-referential.

my bartenders, they're all friends of mine.
my favorite one got a good face and two names that rhyme.
i give her all my money and she does the rest.
our conversations are mostly awkward at best.

all this time sleep. time to wake up.
all these pretty bodies to break up.

i was just a brick in the wall
till she saw my wall of bricks in the wall.

ppl always ask "how do you wanna go?"
it's the kinda thing most ppl just want to know.
i want to die of a heart attack in tom waits' arms.